• Meetings & Conference at FOMO

    A meeting or conference at FOMO is always something special.
    Inspiring. Fun. Creative. Memorable.


    It's all in the details!

    Unconventional meeting spaces, inspiring design and leading edge technology,
    will make your next meeting a memorable one, and one that counts!

  • Wild Bill's Barbershop

    Seats up to 8 Cowboys & Cowgirls - From kr. 3.000,-

    Wild Bill's goes back to the good old days when gentlemen would walk into a barbers shop, get a decent haircut, and shoot the bull with personable barbers and crusty but friendly locals.

    Today, Wild Bill's has evolved with a slightly feminine twist, and instead of shooting the bull, you can enjoy tasty oriental comfort food from our kitchen with a wide choice of excellent beverages.


    Seats up to 16 Agents - From kr. 3.500,-

    How would you like meeting in a comfortable secret place where there are no chances of corporate spying or interruptions? Hidden behind the curtains of our tailor shop, you step into the most secret meeting room at FOMO!

    Inspired by the movie “Kingsman” (where a super-secret organisation recruit an unrefined but promising street-smart kid into the agency), the meeting room and equipped with modern presentation technology and communication equipment has been designed to keep spies, threats and other interruptions out of your way.

    The Library

    Seats up to 30 Pioneers full day / 50 half day - From kr. 5.000,-

    Ever imagined having a meeting or a conference in a whiskey lounge at an exclusive mountain lodge in Canada?

    The Library is packed with Chesterfield Saloons, antique furniture, an open fireplace and eye-candy design effects that will keep your attendees engaged and inspired throughout the meeting. The room is also equipped with brand new meeting tables and audio-visual equipment and communication facilities. Upon request a classroom or standing setup can be made available.

  • Madame Chocolat

    Seats up to 12 Chocolate Lovers - From kr. 3.500-

    Madame Chocolat is waiting for you!

    Chocolate lovers, this is what you have been waiting for! The sweetest atmosphere with chocolate dripping from the ceiling.
    A fun colourful meeting experience.


    FOMO Avenue

    Seats up to 500 Corporate Party Animals
    (Price upon request)

    Wouldn’t it be incredible to host your next corporate event in a small magical alley in Paris, Florence or Barcelona? With live street musicians, dancers on the balconies, local food and wines and a lively atmosphere among the guests, waiters, bartenders and of course our enterprising chefs!

    FOMO Avenue is available for bookings on selected fridays and saturdays. Get in touch with astrid@fomo.no for more information and a guided tour.

    Tropical Garden

    Seats up to 35 Spring Breakers - From kr. 4.500,-

    Food & Wine Tasting, High Tea or Team Building?

    In our indoor tropical garden, you are surrounded by tropical, trees, flowers, flamingos, butterflies, a waterfall, heat lamps and comfortable bamboo furniture. It’s the perfect setting and ambience to enjoy together and to build stronger bonding among peers and with clients or associates.

    Asian Waterfall

    Seats up to 8 Yodas - From kr. 1.500,-

    Meet, Relax, Enjoy, Repeat!

    Invite your colleagues to a calming and relaxing lunch at the Asian Waterfall.

    Enjoy your meeting with “today’s lunch” or allow us to get creative and serve you the Chef's selection of authentic Asian dishes*.


    (*Pre-booking only, minimum 4 days in advance).

  • Food & drink menus

    Let's tingle your tastebuds and experience why FOMO is a Foodies paradise.

    Our head chef seasonal lunch & dinner menu looks amazing!

  • Experience Meetings & Teambuilding

    Looking to do something extraordinary together with your team or clients?
    We have an experienced team ready to make your next meeting a memorable one!

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    Join us for our monthly After Work "Life After Work"
    happening thursdays 16.00-20.00

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